Unbeknown to most, Hannah V has quite a few years of musical experience behind her, having played keys for the likes of Jason Derulo, Sugababes and perhaps most impressively, working with Jessie J and Rihanna as a session musician. A graduate of the Royal Academy of Music and an alumni of DJ/production outfit Bugz in the Attic, Hannah's musical career goes back to performing jazz music in hotels and bars before eventually, following the encouragement of friends, working on her own productions alongside her session work.

For 2015, the production aspect of her work takes centre stage. On 'Version 2.0', premiered here at The 405, Hannah V enlists the vocal talents of London based singer Ama Schreyer for a whizzing, intergalactic adventure featuring a bouncy bassline which is just aching to be heard in clubs and across the airwaves.

Look out for Hannah V's debut EP, which is currently in the works and set for release later this year.