Although this is not their first release, there's still a bit of mystery to Folded Like Fabric.

The Hastings-based musical duo, made up of friends Connor Sims and Jay Mooncie, released their debut I Tried EP back in September of last year, laying their foundations and showcasing their mutual admiration for music, love and their historic hometown of Hastings.

Their new EP Luxuries is still very much rooted in pop soil, but blossoming from those roots is a more experimental R&B sound infused with an indie flair. It's a distinctly unique sound, made up of glitchy effects, soulful guitar strings and what even appears to be the sound of hands rubbing together on 'Cut From The Ocean'. It's quite a daring project that will no doubt enlist a few new recruits to team Folded Like Fabric. If you're a lover of the likes of Ben Khan or Royce Wood Junior, you'll certainly appreciate this.

The 405 is exclusively streaming the EP, which includes the previously unreleased 'Give Me Something'.Luxuries is available now on iTunes.