HEALTH's stunning new album is streaming in full ahead of its release on August 7th via Fiction Records.

We recently spoke to the band about the album. Here's an excerpt:

"You know, the funny thing is that it wasn't exactly a difficult album to write, it was more a case of there just being different phases of the album. Some of the songs were written right around the time where we stopped touring Get Colour and then came the Max Payne soundtrack, so after that we done some more songs and then again just as we were finishing the album. The writing was never so much the problem that caused us to take so long, we were just really obsessed with wanting the album to sound right. We were always confident in the songs but for us we've always tried to be a forward thinking band, meaning we don't want to repeat ourselves, but rather have each document stand aesthetically on its own as well as making a progression that we're proud of artistically."

Stream it below thanks to NPR.

  • DEATH MAGIC tracklist:
  • Victim
  • Stonefist
  • Men Today
  • Flesh World (UK)
  • Courtship II
  • Dark Enough
  • Life
  • Salvia
  • New Coke
  • L.A. Locks
  • Hurt Yourself
  • Drugs Exist