Bringing twenty-two of your mates together to create something marvellous is no easy feat but Norwegian producer Henrik The Artist has done exactly that and it's an effort we should all be in awe of. His latest release 'Peddi Max' has been reworked and revamped by the likes of Maxo, Tomggg, Parkgolf, DZZ, Nightcorey, DJ Karaoke, Lolica Tonica, Silkersoft and many more. Even Skrillex is a fan, playing out the original friendly banger at his debut Boiler Room set in Shanghai late last month.

Gunge's own personal take on the track comes in the form of a hard club mix and gives a feel of the trance-like state surrounding the formation of new friendships either through technological based mediums or meeting IRL. The remix takes us on a journey of anxiety and relief, chaos and order, much like the excitement involved in forming new relationships with other human beings. By embracing the offer of the digital olive branch, you are accepting that you are not alone.

Die hard fans of PC Music and those with severe allergies to House Every Weekend should one hundred percent give it a listen.