The last time we heard from the English youngsters in High Tyde, they had just released their song 'Feel It'. Fast forward a couple months and the turn of the year, athat song has garnered over 250k streams on SoundCloud in addition to seeing tons of radio support from Radio 1's Introducing. Today, they're back with another song from their Fuzz EP titled 'Talk to Frank', which you can stream below. With each song they release it seems like they mature their sound even further, and when you compare 'Talk to Frank' to their early single 'Karibu', it's almost like listening to two different bands - not to say that 'Karibu' is bad by any means, but they're definitely taking the right steps forward to become something huge.

Fuzz drops on 5 March, and you can catch them supporting PEACE in Brighton on 27/28 March.

Listen below.

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