Let's go on an audio journey with Highway Superstar's long awaited debut album Take My Time, out now on Rosso Corsa Records. It's safe to say this album can make any random Joe or Jane question if this really wasn't actually rigged up from a shelve of forgotten Eighties records. Not every day do records come so close to such nostalgic authenticity.

Contemporary yet timeless, the spirit of Eighties must have been hidden in some sacred tomb, possibly even inside the Great Pyramid. We suspect Alex Karlinsky, code name: Highway Superstar; must have opened that tomb, for all the right reasons, then, absorbed its knowledge and took its timeless memorabilia home. He has, after all, captured the spirit of the Eighties and restored it in all its glory. Not just any asshole can do that. Sure, any old asshole can go on and pretend to be Eighties. But this guy here, he's a manifest of pure and flashy bright fluorescence, speeding down the asphalt with cops on his tail, using all lanes, swerving left and right, ultimately, switching cars in an underground parking lot, staying out of sight of the chopper's radar.

"That Ferrari was fun, but babe...let's switch to that '86 Camero and continue the mission."

Let's get back to business. 'Take My Time' can play on two grounds here. Of course, it suggests a metaphor for taking your sweet time. Or, as the openings track vocalises you to use your imagination, Take My Time might also suggest a certain "take" on a time period being glorified, namely the Eighties.

Stand out tracks on the album include the openings track 'Night in the City' (featuring the Canadian retro-electro-cabaret vocalist Dana Jean Phoenix, doing a wonderful job) on a powerful, uplifting Eighties Pointer Sisters vibe.

'All Around the World', an uplifting piece and showcases his collaboration with the romantic yet comical Mike Mendoza from Who Ha, is ambitiously taking over the world, synth by synth and chick-by-side style.

The title track 'Take My Time', sparkling like crystal chandeliers and enlightening the dark, is a wonderful marriage of determinant baselines and keys. Always on the run, the tempo of the song gets pushed pedal to the metal and features a lovely duet of male and female vocals by Chris Page and Dana Jean Phoenix.

The instrumental piece 'Broadwalk Sunset' has a warm yet sit-comical breeze to it, complete with a sexy sax, easing you in to sweet nothing. You're still on the run though, indicating danger could be around and corner, but assured by starlight, this track takes you by the hand and strolls hard!

Another outstanding instrumental song must be the highway chase sounding '10-80'. Complete with patrolling radio messages, it stands out as the most out-running track of the album. Roll down your windows and feel the wind blowing tropical brass winds down your neck.

Conclusion: Take My Time certainly doesn't sound like it's been rushed to the finish. Still, the atmosphere of the album breathes a certain metaphorical haste of suspense. Bending and waving as you flash by, you can't help but visualise an authentic 80s highway without the exotic palm trees greeting you, with a cool breeze and tropical smiles.

Take My Time is produced by Israeli music composer and performer Alex Karlinski, aka Highway Superstar, for Rosso Corsa Records. The mastering is done by Silent Gloves. The artwork is by the hand of Alessandro Stricken of Overglow with additional 3D rendering from Patrick Rizzi of SHIO-Z.

Listen to the full album below.