Hirola is a new collaboration between Bristol-based producers LTO and Edapollo.

Having worked together for the last few years, the collaboration has inspired and elevated both of them to go down a different sound path to their individual projects. The duo took this time to craft their debut self-titled album, noting: “It's taken a couple years of trial and error to develop a sound that's equal parts LTO and Edapollo."

‘Hollow’ is the first single from their album and Edappollo has described its creation: “It is probably the most complex and unique track stylistically and showcases the diverse spectrum of the sound we've been developing, from the ambient melodic passages to the all out heavier bass driven outro. Steve initially started this track with the synth lines, we then came together to restructure it and add more elements, we also allowed some space for some vocal lines, which then took the track in a slightly new direction once again. The end track then became a constantly progressing, experimental and building dynamic journey through our sonic landscape.”

Hirola will be available in November digitally and as a limited cassette and will be the debut original release on Phantom Limb, a new label created by former FatCat A&R James Vella and Mark Pearse, a former head of the Royal Albert Hall’s contemporary music programming.