Large, spiked cactus plants; deserts that stretch for miles dotted with old town saloons and cowboys preparing for shootouts on horses; tumbleweeds drifting past in comedic fashion and ranch houses made of wood. Or Dallas on Five. These are the images that come to mind when thinking of the Lone Star State.

Say howdy, to Hovvdy, the Texas duo that soundtrack their home with lo-fi sounds that drift into a lazy, mid-afternoon daze. With an eclectic music scene down in Texas, two locals Will Taylor and Charlie Martin joined forces. Drenching their debut 'Problem' with slow burning and understated melancholy, a place where glumness dances with half-alive guitars.

Having recorded their debut album Taster in numerous homes and spaces around Texas, Hovvdy feels familiar and intimate. Almost a hazy comforter, in a way. Taking faded and grey photographic memories and tinge-staining them with a beautiful reassurance of brewing vibrancy, 'Problem' is certainly addictive. Lose yourself in it below.