Much like a lovechild of Interpol and Depeche Mode (with a bit of Editors' moodiness thrown in for good measure), Imaginary War have arrived on the scene with their brand new song 'Made a Decision'. It's their first new song since last month's 'The Way We Feel', and is another huge leap forward for the German group that ties together their industrial roots with a dark pop mentality that's both brooding and anthemic, giving it a massive sound that would blow the roof off of venues. They'll be doing just that when they hit the road tomorrow, performing at The Garage in London alongside Lionface and Sol Flare before heading back to their home country for some gigs at the end of the month. Their full tour schedule is below the track!

Make your decision on whether or not it's a total jam (hint: it is) by streaming the track below!

  • Tour Dates:
  • April
  • 21 - The Garage, London, UK (w/ Lionface, Sol Flare)
  • 22 - Tsunami Club, Cologne, Germany
  • 28 - Backstage München, Munich, Germany
  • 29 - astrastube, Hamburg, Germany
  • 30 - Grüner Salon, Berlin, Germany (w/ Palvine)

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