After showing promise with her debut track 'Golden', Iman returns with warming new single 'Naïve'. Fusing together both electronic and acoustic elements, the British singer brings us an emotive song in the form of a ballad.

''The studio I wrote this in had a picture of Annie Lennox hanging and just looking at it reminded me of her music and it literally got my creative flow going for writing 'Naive'," Iman tells us over email. "As for the production I wanted something uncluttered that let the vocals breathe but something hard hitting at the same time. Me and my producer were listening to a few records to vibe off and Massive Attack's 'Paradise Circus' came on. Though 'Naive' sounds nothing like it, listening to that really helped set the tone in bringing all the elements together. It's crazy how a song can come about just from looking at a picture.''

Iman's certainly setting the bar high for herself and with her latest offering, it's clear she can exceed it.