It's been about six months since we've gotten a new track from California duo Carousel, but they've got a pretty good reason for it. They were just out on the road supporting Cherub on their Blow'd Tour which had countless sold out nights in some pretty big venues. Their newest song is called 'My New Friend' and it's a hazy bit of indie-pop that will land itself on countless summer playlists with its pulsating, shimmering synths. They explained the track a bit further in a statement, saying:

"This is a special song for us. We spent the last few months on the road supporting Cherub, and we didn't get a chance to do much writing or producing. So this was the first song we wrote when we got home from tour. We wanted to make something that felt like a hazy summer night. Something to get us ready for these next few months."

Listen below.

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