You know what I love at the moment? Chord progressions. Good ones. Jazzy ones. Loungey ones. Ones that are as cute as they are jaunty and as lively as they are chilled – the beautiful contradiction of music. And as such the latest from US producer indoors is well within the realms of something with good chord progressions. Called 'Everyday Adventures' – named after the album Soundtracks For Everyday Adventures by the purveyors of innocence themselves, Lullatone – it's simple and effective, never straying from its smart, swaying beat, imbued with such swing that it's kinda hard not to nod along to it.

It also features the stylings of sleepytimejesse, another musicmaker with an apparent penchant for K. K. Slider, that eternal troubadour of the Animal Crossing series – perhaps it was his idea to add the Animalese (the language of AC, duh!) vocals of K. K. to this track, weaving cutesy melody above the offbeat slant of those popping synth chords. It works very well. It'd definitely illustrate really nicely one of my everyday adventures, like going to the post office, walking round a supermarket, making breakfast, umm, writing this… Y'know, all that kinda stuff. Anyway, here's hoping for more from these two!