After years behind the scenes, Jedidiah is ready to take center stage again (as a child he toured with Shania Twain.) The Nashville resident has been writing music for the publishing and sync licensing world for years, but an unexpected change of heart has altered the trajectory of Jedidiah’s musical journey.

On his latest track, ‘Crowd’, Jedidiah has this to say: "'Crowd’ was completely unplanned. I wrote this track with Fjordskii in East Nashville, and it was originally a folk track that we flipped and turned into what you’re hearing now. I'd never created music like this before… I’d never even sung in falsetto before, but everything just came together really naturally. The whole subject of the song is spontaneity, and that’s exactly how this single came about. Sometimes you work away on a track for weeks or months, but this cut was completed, start to finish, in about seven hours. ‘Crowd’ is the result of what happens when you just let go and let things happen freely, and I hope you can hear the passion behind that."

Nashville may be known for Country, but Jedidiah is filling the air with sleek alt-pop. ‘Crowd’ has an experimental R&B vibe to it as well. This is encouraging for the future music Jedidiah will release. For having never sung falsetto, Jedidiah glides along the notes, no reaching or straining. It's engaging without overpowering, relying on pop sensibilities to know when to push and pull.

So, check out the debut single ‘Crowd’ from newcomer Jedidiah. You’re going to be hearing this name a lot in the future.