Here's one to warm you up at the start of a new week: Bath-based musician Kate Lomas has shared a brand new track called 'Ecstasy' - the first of two singles that together constitute "an immersive 360° experience where the lyrics are visually represented through a photographic timeline." For the visual side of the project, Lomas teamed up with photographer Silvija Gec (Vogue Italia), while the euphoric electronic-pop sound of 'Ecstasy' resulted from a partnership with Guy Britton, who co-wrote and produced the track.

Described by Lomas herself as "a dreamy escape describing the emotion evoked from letting go of the past and living in the thrill of the moment," 'Ecstasy' follows her 2016 debut EP Let’s Just Be and is out on June 16th. Stream it below. We think you're gonna like it.