London based wordsmith Kojey Radical unveils his first release for 2015 in the form of 'Bambu'; a hard hitting combination of spoken word lyricism and a thought-provoking stream of consciousness, backed by a dark, sporadic tingling beat determined to stop you in your tracks, forcing you do nothing except pay attention.

Born out of multiple frustrations, 'Bambu' is one of the first songs that he made this year:

"The original track was recorded in March where at the time I was just starting to release music and felt like I was already caged to the genre I was making at the time. I've always used genre to describe emotion and just as no human belongs to one particular emotion infinitely no artist should be confined to their genre. I wrote this piece as an ode to the thoughts about society people often ignore. As soon as we wrapped it up we were instantly met with this feeling that this record is important."

The intensity, aggression and power in delivery are only heightened when asked if there was a particular time or place that he felt it would sound best:

"Four days before the Tottenham riots. Nine minutes before watching a documentary on Emmett Till during Fashion Week. From the depths of your speakers as you drive through traffic or even through phone speakers on school playgrounds."

This is the first release from a brand new EP which is due out later this year and comes off the back of the highly praised Dear Daisy: Opium EP. "If I can inspire people to conjure thought, I'm satisfied. The record is only stage one." The video for 'Bambu' was co-directed by award winning film team The Rest and Kojey Radical himself, and is due for release later this month. "We have so many more surprises in store, just wait on it."