The 405 are happy to be exclusively streaming the second album, Dream it Away, from Welsh band Kutosis. Following their acclaimed debut Fanatical Love, the new album sees the band experiment with the off kilter pop melodies that gained them a nomination for the Welsh Music Prize. Stream the whole album below ahead of its Monday release date and don't forget to pre-order here if you like what you hear.

The band have also given us a taste of what the process of recording the album was like. Check out their track-by-track analysis of the album:

1. This Avalanche Is

After the first recording session we had for Dream It Away, it became apparent we were writing two different sounding albums. One was a continuation of the fuzzy punk on our first album Fanatical Love, and the other had this new sunnier vibe. We ended up scrapping the songs that had our old sound. It was tough at the time but it gave us the freedom to pursue something new and we came up with this song soon after. Some really odd stuff started happening in the studio when we were recording this. The studio - Lightship95 - is permanently moored just off the Thames and is susceptible to the tide. We'd started recording and then a guitar case 'magically' stood upright and Ben's drums started moving all round the place. It was a bit strange but we kept going.

2. 'Crystal Beach'

We recorded two versions of this song during the album sessions. The first time we didn't quite have the right tempo but we're keeping it in the vaults ready for the deluxe 10th anniversary edition. The title came from a conversation we were having about how many new bands seemed to have 'crystal' or 'beach' in their name - but we liked it so much we changed a lyric in the song slightly and then it became the title. This is also being released as a single and the video for it was made by the very talented Ryan Owen Eddleston - it's really trippy and a great interpretation of the song.

3. 'Old Judas'

There's quite a sparse sound for most of this song and I really like it that the bass and guitar lines in the verses have ended up sounding almost like a piano. It builds up until there's this release of tension at the end of the song which, in the studio, featured James attacking a guitar that was on the floor with a violin bow. The title is taken from a short story I read which seemed to have the same themes as the lyrics in this song - about how the countryside and rural life can sometimes appear a bit strange and unwelcoming to outsiders.

4. 'Horizons'

This was the first song we wrote for the album. We were experimenting with a guitar tuning where four of the six strings are tuned to G. And at the end of the song, the drums started to feed through the guitar pick-ups which made this really cool sound. It's probably not something that could be recreated - it was just a great moment when that happened. The song was written as a statement of intent for ourselves about what we wanted the new album to be about - shaking off the bleakness and moving on to something brighter.

5. 'Night Surf'

Initially this was going to be an instrumental but then we started humming along to it in the studio. I went in to record vocals to it without having anything prepared and just tried different things out. From the control room Ben shouted out "don't wanna dream it away" for the second verse. We went with that and the album title was born. The woozy keys were almost definitely inspired by recording at the time of day when the studio started to sway with the tide.

6. 'Feel Love'

We were big fans of Girls and they were an inspiration for this song. This felt like a bit of a gamble for us - of all the songs on the album this is the one that's probably furthest away from the sound on our first album. We felt it was really important to get the sound right - we wanted it to be droney and not end up sounding like a ballad. Thankfully, our producer Rory Attwell is a joy to work with and he got what we were going for straight away. He called his friend up who added some great droney cello to the mix.

7. 'French Canadian Girls'

This album is our first release on vinyl, so we were thinking of the album in terms of sides A and B when we came to finishing it. There's no messing around with this song - it's straight into a big riff so we thought this was a great way to start the flip side. We had a lot of debate in the studio about how many times the staccato metal bit should be repeated in the outro. I think we decided on 12 times in the end.

8. 'Something In The River'

This is one of the few recordings that survived the first session and I think it's the one we feel most proud of. We stretched ourselves writing, arranging and recording this one. When we originally wrote this song it had a totally different feel - it was a lot more grungy. But after we demo'd it we changed a lot of it around. All the 'heys' became 'aahs' which sums up our new sound.

9. 'Short Stories'

Some songs feel like they almost just write themselves and others take a lot of work. This was probably more of the latter. When we were writing we had the verse for this song but just couldn't move it on to anything we were satisfied with. That in itself became an inspiration for trying to finish it and the chorus line 'just let it out - this is your art'. We got to a point then when it all started to fall in to place.

10. 'Fear Of Flying'

This was one of the first songs we started recording and the very last one we finished. It almost got left off the album because it felt a bit incomplete until James had this brainwave of adding an MBV guitar squall all over it. Then I thought - I've got to totally redo these vocals now! The yelping that was originally there had to be toned down. The riff in the song came about from trying to play a Sebadoh song on a guitar with a weird tuning - inevitably playing it wrong - but coming up with a new song instead.

11. 'Volcano'

After the wall of noise in 'Fear Of Flying', we wanted the last song to go back to the sound of it being the three of us in a room playing live. Initially this was taken from a song we demo'd that was over 10 minutes long called Trans World Sports. In the end, we decided to take out everything apart from the outro and came up with this singalong album closer.