Want something that makes you feel you're on like, some kind of hi-speed submersible type thing – but it can totally skim across the surface too – zipping through underwater arches, jumping out and breaking the surface like a dolphin with literally no care in the world? Well, look no further than Brooklyn trio Lemonade 's latest track, 'Orchid Bloom'.

Fizzing saw-waves play broken arpeggios over a beat that alternates between disco-house and quieter litterings of percussion, ambient washes and waves flooding the track, and all the while faraway pop vocals tempt you into this wholly aquatic fantasy. They chant "orchid blooooom…!" towards the end, joined by more earthy percussion, more liquid-laser stabs of synth chords – an exercise in gradual dynamics and evocative dance-pop fusion.

This comes from the band's upcoming album, Minus Tide, due for release 9th September on the supercool NYC label, Cascine.