I don't quite understand how this guy can be this good. This is coming from somebody who isn't exactly a long term fan of Lindsay Lowend, but who has appreciated his music ever since his latest release, the Wind Fish EP (the name grabbed me, as it would any Zelda fan). Without overpraising, this is incredible stuff – incendiary, heart-popping, death-defying electronic music that takes as much influence from video game music as it does from contemporary juke and hip-hop sounds. His newest song, 'Basement Dweller Overture', is a funky anthem for all the recluses out there; it also shows off Lowend's dazzling jazz-like improvisational skills, flitting between sounds with no hook in sight – a mash of great sounds that mirrors our generation's overstimulation, as well as our subconsciously warring pre- and post-internet psyches.

Yes, 'Basement Dweller Overture' begins with infectious bounce, drums thick with all of dubstep's punch, the surgical bass infecting us with swaying rhythm. Cut-up vocal samples are spread around with abstract care, jittering over the drums that begin to fall into their own syncopated offbeats. Then comes the surprise: a veritable piano fantasy, filled with imaginative colour and fresh breaths of movement. And boom! We're dropped into the third part of the song, a glitched-out electro-funk feel that buzzes and trumpets out broken electronic sounds. Wow.

It's basically a micro-symphony: three movements of wildly different sound, sewn together with what could only be gifted skill. Each of his songs are like this, conjuring the same energy and enthusiasm that the best video game soundtracks inspire, yet without the visuals to help carry them, making it a sound that you'll treasure. A true original.

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