Australian born, Dublin based musician Liza Flume gave us a pretty solid introduction to her stunning sound a little over a year ago with her debut EP Full Steam Ahead. Her latest tune 'Sleepless Nights' is our first taste of new music from her since then, as she's been working with producer Brian Dillon since then to give her sound a little bit more of an electronic, ambient edge, and by the sounds of 'Sleepless Nights' their time together was well spent

It's a minimalist, quiet song that allows Flume's voice to shine amidst low key beats. It makes sense that the song feels best suited for quiet nights at home, maybe with a bottle of wine, as she took to a quiet house to write it - "I wrote Sleepless Nights whilst living alone in my late grandfathers 3 bedroom home in the north of Dublin. The first single since the debut EP, the song explores a deep sense of loneliness and isolation and the realisation of the importance of human connection and companionship."

If you want to catch her live, she'll be at Hard Working Class Heroes on 2 October, but for now, you can stream 'Sleepless Nights' below.

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