Photo credit: Briony Mitchell

Will Daunt has been on our radar under his mysterious alias DAUNT for a while now. The young man's musical talents have been in gestating and maturing for a good few years, and it has all come into fruition on his debut release Unbearable Light. The Londoner's 4-track release will be released tomorrow through one of the capital's finest up and coming labels Beatnik Creative.

Will says of the album “The songs are records of my own feeling, but often posed as questions to others. How best to deal with anxiety about relationships, about who we are turning into, about decisions. Maybe this is why the songs show restraint: it’s my attempt at imposing structure on something, to feel a little less powerless.”

The 405 has the pleasure of offering its readers a chance to listen to Unbearable Light a day early. Just look below, and check our review over here.