Introducing the newest member of the London-based creative collective OrphGang (which also includes the likes of YJ and Kojey Radical), Marvelouss G. Described as an intelligent lyricist, "one that isn't afraid to step out of the realms of what is current today in British Hip-Hop," Marvelouss G reverts to the foundations of hip-hop on 'Finding Forever'. From the keys to the drums and sparse synths, its old school feeling is still surprisingly fresh. "'Finding Forever' was written from the inspiration of setbacks and rejections both regarding physical health and personal experiences," Marvelouss said of the track. "The title derives from my determination to continue striving, occluding all obstacles; ensuring that regardless of my uncontrollable losses...Happiness is what I forever hope to find."

Look out for Marvelouss G's Odyssey EP, which is due for release later this year.