"On this record I tried not so much to let anything consciously influence me but also not to shy away from letting specific influences have an impact - particularly U2, who in my adult life have been more of a guilty pleasure than anything," explains Jana Hunter in an interview with The 405's Jonathan Greer regarding Lower Dens' new album Escape From Evil. "After we finished the record I went back and listened to their first five albums and I heard so much of what I do within those records - they're so brilliant, I don't know what has happened within the life of that band internally but those five records had a really big impact on me."

U2 or no U2, this album is a stunner, and you can listen to it below courtesy of NPR. Escape From Evil is released on March 30th (31st North America) via Ribbon Music.

  • Escape From Evil tracklist:
  • 01. Sucker's Shangri-La
  • 02. Ondine
  • 03. To Die in L.A.
  • 04. Quo Vadis
  • 05. Your Heart Still Beating
  • 06. Electric Current
  • 07. I Am the Earth
  • 08. Non Grata
  • 09. Company
  • 10. Société Anonyme

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