Tipped as one of the most unique voices coming out of the Chicago scene, Lucki Eck$ releases his band new track 'Finesse' ahead of the release of his forthcoming project Body High, out later this month.

SKYWLKR's impressive production holds together the hazy trip-hop vibes oozing from Eck$' lyrical flow. Though his rap doesn't stray too far from the clichéd themes of hip-hop like drugs, women and money, the young MC still manages to create something new. 'Finesses', like a stream of consciousness, gives some insight into the Alternative Trap lifestyle and the drug dealer's psyche. Eck$ willingly puts himself out there and doesn't shy away from the controversial. His impenetrable nonchalance coupled with the ethereal production give off a sinister vibe that's quite chilling, but keeps you tuned in.