Not too long after meeting with composer/singer/songwriter/musician Lydia Ainsworth, the Toronto native issued a preview of her forthcoming debut LP Right From Real.

The wondrous, eclectic two-part effort (both part's one and two consist of four tracks), is a righteous testament to Ainsworth's multi-faceted abilities. Much of which was previously known several months ago when Ainsworth debuted the LP's first portion as the Right From Real Pt. I EP.

Her marvelously intricate perspectives continue on the previously unheard second portion, introducing varying layers of indelible pop, continued orchestrations, and minimalist electronics. On the record, Ainsworth says, "As I listen to the finished album I am reminded of the immense comfort I felt in the obscurity of its destination. I became entranced by the evolving process that took shape within those invisible tactile walls of tradition. Whether I was sampling instruments/ writing lyrics/ incorporating lyrics by my pen pal Matthew/ recording multiple arrangements for each song - stripping them down - building them back up - I was guided only by a relentless instinctive urge to express what I could not in waking life. The songs approach dreams, thoughts, and inspirations that demand a search for the unknown, a search for something beyond what the five senses can offer."

Listen to the entire LP below, prior to its September 30th release on Arbutus Records. Pre-order the album on CD and vinyl via Arbutus or digitally on iTunes.