You may only have four tracks to get a feel for her, but Lydia Ainsworth has so many arrays of sound and influence that it may be impossible to get a complete grasp.

On her new EP Right From Real - Pt. I, Ainsworth delicately and precisely carves up four judiciously inspired tracks, covering electronic, orchestra, and dream pop in one intricate package. The EP, out June 9th on Arbutus Records, is so affirmatively tight that it almost seems inhuman. How could one person have such a handle on all these textures and progressions and come off genuinely interesting? Often times when artists try to play with so many features, the weight of the effort overwhelms the actual product. On Right From Real - Pt. I, each succinct movement matters. If only Pt. 2 could come fast enough.

Stream the four-track EP below and get a feel for Ainsworth in Jazz Monroe's new Dazed Digital piece, which talks about her massive array of influences, life as an orchestra student, and her move to Brooklyn. Otherwise, pre-order the EP on iTunes.

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