Ordinarily, it's important to consider an artist's past when assessing their current work. History and context tell a story, which is reflected in their artistic development and songwriting that helps us to make sense of their music. For Marie Munro, however, Under My Skin represents a break with the past - one which starts with Munro's identity itself.

Born Hilde Marie Kjersem, Munro started performing under her own name on the Scandinavian jazz scene garnering critical acclaim. Gradually she began to move her sound towards more contemporary sounds, which is where Marie Munro begins. Under My Skin takes influence from the likes of Jessie Ware and Jenny Wilson, combining grand synthesiser melodies, rolling percussion and delicate guitar. Munro's vocal delivery, drawing from the jazz stylings she honed over her formative years, sits perfectly alongside the icy electronics, offering a warmth that draws the listener in.

Here's what Marie had to say about it:

"To make an album is not the same process as making a song. A song has the ability to appear out of nowhere and do it's own thing - sometimes being a rebel without a home, and sometimes being quite the opposite and getting in line with the others. As a mother, you love them all. I might have some kind of vision about how the end results should sound like and what the album is, upfront. But in my experience, it's really difficult to follow those plans. You will get lost and if you stick to it, you could get stuck.

"This album's vision was actually the opposite of how I've worked before - to not try to create something - but daring to rely on all those first ideas that come. I have always had a tendency to try to take things one way or the other, and this time I wanted to let it be. It's an experiment, like everything else we make, of course. But the hardest part for me was to let go. Even when I made something that embarrassed me, I decided to let it go. So in a way, that's the title. It's naked and natural. It's the truth and unpolished in a way. Well, It's produced and arranged - but the making was a somewhat delicate situation. Because I knew that if I let go, I also had to dare to release it. Some nights you lie awake and wonder what your critics will think of the real you, not hiding behind the cool and artsy - and you have to even let that go. I've learnt so much about my reactions to those processes - and it's been a really liberating rollercoaster-ride to make this album."

Under My Skin is released on 22nd January, but if you can't wait you can stream it right now.