North Londoner Marin has unveiled her debut track '(Prevail) Witch Hunt', a mix of late-night soul and elegant electronica (thanks to the Zomby production).

"Dark jazz melodies are the most important thing," she says of the inspiration behind the track in a message to The 405. "Then it's conversational - make of it what you wish."

Jazz is actually an important word in Marin's approach to music: "At school I learned to sing jazz standards and after the classical music lessons, my eyes were opened to another style that was much more 'free’."

Regarding the song's reception, Marin says she hopes for "an honest reaction." So be sure to give the track a spin (or two, or three), especially "between night and morning," the ideal time to fully enjoy '(Prevail) Witch Hunt' according to the singer. "Somewhere otherwise quiet, somewhere still."