While it may be difficult to admit it, “getting lost in a song” is hard to do. You want to go on a journey, but if you pay too close of attention to the details, you’ll miss the song as a whole. If you drift too freely, you’ll wander off the trail completely and the song may as well have not been playing. But every now and again, a track will come along that makes finding that balance easy.

Enter Marlins Dreaming. This guitar-laden indie-pop group hails from New Zealand, and the 405 is here to premiere their new single, ‘Cheeky Kids’.

The track borrows from several genres, melding together in one fell post-psychedelic swoop. The walking bass line accompanied by the punctuated rhythm guitar and drums set a solid foundation. The glittering lead guitar is in the vein of artists like Mac DeMarco but polished in all the right places, and for all the right reasons.

The guitar solo in the outro hearkens back to the organ stylings of The Doors. The fluidity of the line is not just to fit in with the retro vibe embedded in the composition, but it is the vehicle through which you travel the song.

The wandering musings of the lyrics are purposeful. As the band puts it, “A lot of the sentences in Cheeky Kids don't really make sense. On tour we'd been put up at a mates place in Hawkes Bay for a week or so, and they had this loose-as band room that just reeked of creative vibes, crayon all over the walls, a pool table and an epic jam setup. We started jamming a chord progression and just sung about what was written all over the walls. So, the song is about what was written on the walls in crayon- intertwined with a bit of glittery ad lib.”

Marlins Dreaming’s ‘Cheeky Kids’ is the song you need on a Wednesday. There’s just enough escapism to give you that Friday feeling a little early, while still being grounded enough to keep you in line.