‘Fårö’ finds composer Martyn Heyne continuing his journey into the history of the electric guitar.

Following up on 2016’s mini-album Shady and Light, Martyn Heyne will release his debut full-length album Electric Intervals later this month. Heyne a classically trained musician and composer, who is an alumnus of the prestigious Conservatory of Amsterdam, took up the guitar and piano from an early age and began playing shows from the age of ten.

Electric Intervals was recorded in Heyne’s studio near Tempelhof Airfield, Berlin, where he has previously worked with musicians and bands including The National, Nils Frahm, Peter Broderick and Efterklang.

On the recording, Heyne states, “the number of parameters that determine a recording appears to be infinite. The mood, instrument, tuning, settings, microphones, room, placement, temperature, time of day, etc. all contribute to sound. The magic, once captured, is impossible to recreate. This might seem a hindrance, but it’s really the whole point of recording for me and also the reason why I never use samples or virtual instruments.”

The multi-instrumentalist also desires to encourage “an active mode of listening that deciphers and makes connections; it can be so much more rewarding.”

Electric Intervals is out on 17th November via 7K Records.