Attention fans of the indie rock. Attention fans of the inadvertent body movement. Attention fans of the thinking about the things. Attention fans of the journey, of the getting to the place, and the arriving at the place. Attention fans of the music being more than a soundtrack to your life, or your attempts to boost your social media presence, whatever you deem living as your life. Attention fans of beautiful things, of harmonies, handclaps and glockenspiels. Attention fans of adrenaline, of working towards a peak then climbing higher, of getting lost and dreaming of never being found, of looking to the clouds for answers, of screaming from cliff tops to no-one in particular and feeling like you're part of some corny movie. Attention fans of dancing in your kitchen, of dancing like you want to hug whoever's watching, dancing like it could mean something and you don't give a shit, dancing sometimes without even moving. Attention fans of whatever it takes to get excited, whatever, it, takes, to, love, breathing. Attention humans, here is a reason to stop pushing, to start floating free, to stare them in the eyes, to grin like wild mad men, to take some fucking pride, to take some fucking pride in your enjoyment of life.

If music can be something to savour, something to focus on, rather than something that just happens, if you think that is possible, then we need to talk about Mermonte.

Here is their second album. It happens to be some unbridled fucking excitement. Some unashamed and glorious and never second guessing like some spineless hipster fuck waiting for someone else to make a first move music. It's pure. Pure. Imagine jumping desperate through a waterfall into the icy water and coming out of that pool clean. Redemption. Redemption through quiet faith in your own instincts that something can be good because it's good, great because it's great, and thoroughly fucking excellent despite not being branded in Brooklyn by the giant bro-mocracy in the sky. This is music you fucks. It's energy and thinking combined. It's life not as I know it but as I want it to be. Stream this album. Buy this album. Trust me. I don't care about selling adverts.

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