Michael Kiwanuka is the latest artist to premiere his contribution to the Third Man Records Blue Series of releases. It's called 'You've Got Nothing to Lose' and is available now on both vinyl and iTunes. The track has the one, the only Jack White at the producer's throne and Dominic Davis from The Buzzards on upright bass with Cory Younts on piano, as well as Lillie Mae Rische on fiddle.

The B-side features his cover of Thomas Van Zandt's infamous 'Waitin' Round to Die'. Pick it up on vinyl at the Third Man Records webstore, or on iTunes. Kiwanuka was thrilled to work with TMR and White, saying “I'm a big fan of Jack White. I used to hear his guitar riffs in secondary school growing up as a teenager. He inspired loads of us to start bands and pick up a guitar which I did. He's an artist that still inspires me today, so it was such a pleasure getting to work with him, and put out this single on Third Man Records.”

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