Anyone who knows me reasonably well is aware of the special place I keep in my heart for all things folk and country rock. I must confess, I hadn't heard of Morrison Kincannon before though, something I immediately learned to be perfectly justifiable as I read their bio and found out they were virtually unknown outside a very restrict music collector's circle -- they had never released a proper album during their years of activity, for example.

Beneath The Redwoods is a major treat for fans of mellow '70s Laurel Canyon sounds, and it's all thanks to Spacetalk Records. The label first contacted Morrison to ask for permission to re-release 'To See One Eagle Fly', and one thing led to the other. A proper collection of the duo's songs is finally available on both physical and digital formats, a missing piece of the never-ending forever-evolving Southern California music scene where early Buffalo Springfield, Gene Clark-inspired folk-rock meets a certain '70s-going-80s artificial 'spaceness, thus creating a unique blend of moods and vibes.

Stream Beneath The Redwoods in full below via Bandcamp, where you can also buy the 2xLP.