Jeff DiLorenzo is the person behind Muteboy, and if that name sounds familiar you may know him from his other projects - The Kickdrums and The Promise Hero. His new EP Dreamlife is out today, and much like its title it's an incredibly ethereal, chilled out affair filled with all sorts of dreamy vibes. In a society where everyone is just trying to shout over each other to get their voice heard on the wild frontier that is the internet, it's refreshing to hear a more subdued approach to production that's just as gripping. The EP uses samples from Robert Crumb, Susan Sontag, Herb Alpert's The Lonely Bull, and Alan Watts brilliantly, and you can listen to Dreamlife below and fall in love with it yourself.

If you like what you hear, you can download the entire EP for free over at his Bandcamp page!

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