From my own personal 'Artists To Watch For 2014' list os British four-piece New Electric Ride. Their neo-psych sound is amazing and can be fully experienced with their debut full length Balloon Age, out on February 25th via Beyond Beyond Is Beyond.

Following previously shared tracks 'Bring What You Expect To Get' and 'Lovers', they now share a new tune with us, the album's proper opening track 'Here Comes The Bloom' (the first track on the LP is a 20-second prelude called 'Ode To A Bumblebee'), and we have it right here for your listening pleasure. 'Here Comes The Bloom' is a psych-rock song with a catchy riff and delightful, hypnotizing chorus that leaves you slightly lightheaded.

Expect only good things from these guys, and be sure to check their debut LP when it drops at the end of the month.

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