Towards the end of last year I found myself giving a talk to a group of eager young musicians at the Roundhouse in Camden. I kind of snapped out of what had become a weird lucid dream at the very point my face grinned at the words emerging from my mouth. "If you want to make money you should quit, become an accountant or something." Behind the smile I winced at the words. Not everybody ends up bitter and broke, some people still get joy from the act of creation. The industry is pretty obviously, the industry, but it doesn't have to be a nepotistic smile stealing joy vacuum. At least not for everyone involved.

As all the thoughts whirled around, I answered their questions and headed for the train home. I thought about telling my teenage self that one day I'd be sent more music than I could listen to, and that I'd whine about it to strangers. Teenage me would think I was a dick. Teenage me would be right.

After I set myself on fire, I thought nothing more about it, until a song turned up in my inbox from one of the kid's in the audience. I was pretty apprehensive to listen to it, but I figured the eagerness had to be based on the back of something, and that something might even be talent. So I hit play... Hoping.

The track below, the track we are proudly premièring, is the track I was sent. It's by a singer songwriter called Suntrapp, who isn't old and bitter and indebted to friends and banks alike.... and you can hear that. The song has that feeling. I can't explain it. Like opening your curtains to glorious quiet optimism. He's a smart kid, much smarter than I am. You should listen to him.

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