Technology is at a point where "traditional" instruments are almost perfectly replicated by software. This has allowed for profound music to be created, but sometimes I yearn for the natural; I want a string plucked by a calloused finger; I want to hear the timbre of the snare when it's hit not quite right.

Enter New Rose. The band are dropping their first LP, Morning Haze, on June 30th. And from the sounds of it, they're tackling this clash of musical identity and timelessness head-on. While the album was produced by Rusty Santos (Animal Collective, Panda Bear, Ariel Pink), it hearkens back to the natural. There's plenty of pedal steel guitar to pasteurise the landscapes (which is played by JayDee Maness).

But enough about that, let's get to their new song.

'Going North' is country, but with enough alternative edge to light up any Wilco fan's ears. The song has woozy drums, acoustic strumming, and a duel or two between lead guitar and pedal steel. Lead singer Daniel Wagner yearns but never begs. His voice balances tenderness and a rock swagger, taking cues from the instrumentation. So, take that five-minute break early and step out into the sun to get a taste of that all natural goodness.