And now — an interesting collaboration! Take the duo that is George & Jonathan – "pals that grew up together writing and exchanging electronic music made in PxTone" – add the brilliant Max Coburn aka Maxo and you get the nicely named Nice Feelings. In particular, let's listen to the latest track from this match-made-in-heaven, 'freeSki'.


I could just leave it at that. Eight exclamation marks. But I don't know if they can aptly describe the upbeat bounce of this track, point out its soft 'n' jazzy chord progressions, wonder at its various transitions through additions and subtractions of sounds – from squelchy bass to '80s power drums, marvel at its freeform freneticism that add unpredictable dynamics, or simply exclaim the pros of tiny instruments and beepy synth melody that are so damn satisfying to the ears.

Watch out for more from this cocktail of v nice musicmakers.