New York is probably my favourite city in the world. It's one of the few places where you can travel the world in the space of a day thanks to all the different cultures and backgrounds on show. Combined with the city's fast pace, it means the musical landscape is forever changing and evolving, making the music (and perhaps more importantly, the musicians) really exciting.

Looking through Washington Heights-based singer/songwriter Nöel's Twitter, there's a sense of perfectionism in his musical output. I noticed he'd been teasing a new release for quite some time, which had me thinking he was looking to make further changes. Whether that's true or not, I'm not sure, but what I do know is the Horizon EP is now complete and premiering exclusively on The 405 right now.

"The Horizon EP was inspired by the thin line in a relationship between light and darkness," he told us via email. "How fast things can change, and go from light to dark in an instant." With the recent change in seasons, Nöel's Horizon EP fits appropriately with the quickly closing evenings; its smooth production courtesy of Luka and laid-back, thought-provoking lyrics make for perfect evening listening. "I personally enjoy closing my eyes and letting the combination of beat and descriptive words paint the pictures in my mind," he says. "Horizon is best listened to while vibing out with your boo thang."

We also wanted to know how Nöel hoped people would react to Horizon and for him, it's more about evoking emotions. "The ideal reaction would just be having the feelings resonate in someone's soul. To connect these emotions to their own personal story. It's like saying - I have gone through these things too, we all have. I'm showing you how it felt for me, now you let it become your personal story. Never be afraid of your own emotions, they're so beautiful."

The Horizon EP is streaming here. If you're still craving more from Nöel, he's giving away one more song. Get in touch with him direct and you'll receive 'I Got It' for free.