Today marks the return of one of Belgium’s most talented voices, Noémie Wolfs, and her new single ‘Let Me Down’. Noémie had this to say about the track:

“'Let me down’ is the story of two opposites. She’s in it for the tease, he’s in it for the ride. I like to write about strong women who take control, mainly because I’m just like that. I don’t see ‘Let me down’ as an autobiographical story but there are lots of elements in the story that I can relate to. She decides which way the relationship goes and how strong it is. Love can be a dangerous thing if you don’t know how to handle it."

"The production is done by Yong Yello, a young producer from Antwerp: "I had this idea to combine my kind of pop music with oldskool hip-hop drum loops," explains Noémie. "Yello was the ideal person to try and make this work, since he has a background as a beatmaker, starting when he was just a kid, looking up to the stuff his older brother listened to. The violins you hear in the intro of the song are samples that we found on old and shady records from the forties and fifties. It was very cool to work in that ‘cut and paste’ kind of way.

"The lyric video is made by Danish graphic artist Boris Peianov. I discovered his work on Instagram and was very impressed. It’s so cool that with things like Instagram, you can connect with super talented people from all over the world in a very fast and relaxed way. I decided to contact him straight away and I’m over the moon with the result. The mixed media technique that Boris is known for is a perfect fit with the ‘sample’ technique we used to write the song itself.

"The Polaroid images are made by photographer Alessandra Ruyten. She works exclusively with Polaroids. The idea that there’s only one original print of a picture is something magical, especially in these times of mass production. That also contributes to the atmosphere of the song, I believe."

Check out 'Let Me Down' below.