Nottee seemed to suddenly disappear about 3 years ago after the bouncy pop blast 'Don't Waste Your Light On Me'. Sweden's answer to Florrie, with her ever evolving but constantly refreshing pop sound, is finally back with some new material in the form of 'Fire'.

The lead single off her debut album Side by Side, 'Fire' is a smorgasbord of a bunch of different styles and flavours. Late 90s house beats, the addictive kind that you loved despite them being attached to pretty awful songs as was par for the course back then, meld together with Balearic inspired nu-disco synths and restrained guitars you might hear on a laid back Miami Horror or Aeroplane track. It's a restrained, gorgeous little pop track that, to be honest, could do with being let loose for just a little bit but, instead, prefers to just lie back (not that that's a bad thing, mind you).

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