Whilst their musical roots lie in the New Wave scene of '80s New York, there's more to Nova Heart than simply being the "Blondie of China". Comprising Shi Lu (aka Atom) on drums, Bo Xuan on bass and Helen Feng leading on vocals and keyboards, the trio craft perfectly formed electro-rock songs that drip with a dark melancholy. Nova Heart's self-titled debut is a journey through crystalline keyboard melodies, ominous bass riffs and an often infectious driving rhythm. The songs within might discuss very serious subjects, such as conception and society's view of female bodies, but these are packaged as catchy tracks, with Nova Heart delivering some seriously brilliant hooks.

The band are already winning plaudits from critics and with their album due very, very soon, they'll be receiving the same adoration from music fans as well. Hit play on the stream below and get ready to tell your friends.