"I was going through a very stormy period in my life and felt like I was just completely trashed," says Of Montreal's Kevin Barnes of the band's forthcoming new album Aureate Gloom. "I might be guilty of sharing or exposing too much of my private life, but to me the best albums are those that help people connect with an artist on a deep, human level and that do so without too much artifice or evasiveness."

Thanks to NPR, you can find out if Barnes managed to pull that off - a full week ahead of its release on March 3rd via Polyvinyl Records.

  • Tracklisting:
  • 1. Bassem Sabry
  • 2. Last Rites At The Jane Hotel
  • 3. Empyrean Abattoir
  • 4. Aluminum Crown
  • 5. Virgilian Lots
  • 6. Monolithic Egress
  • 7. Apollyon Of Blue Room
  • 8. Estocadas
  • 9. Chthonian Dirge For Uruk The Other
  • 10. Like Ashoka's Inferno Of Memory