Southeast London band Osca have a tendency to release incredibly impressive tunes long before they're even completely finished. Take, for instance, their debut single 'Blood' which Zane Lowe deemed his 'Next Hype Record' long before the finished version was even done. They've taken that approach on their sophomore single 'Illume', which you can stream below. It's an appropriately bright and uplifting tune that will both get stuck in your head and inspire you to create with its stunning melodies and songwriting.

Singer and writer Jack Kenworthy explained in a press release that 'Illume' is about "simplicity and how that always means the most," adding "I remember going to Glastonbury that year when I wrote it and coming back remembering Rolling Stones set ender, 'Satisfaction', and the way everyone sang along to all the words. I came home and was messing around on the piano, and the chorus came quickly. I started singing 'I illume" for no reason. It's not a word you hear often but it fit the melody, feeling bright and colourful"

The band will be supporting Walking On Cars on 10 September in London at Electrowerkz.

You can stream both of the band's releases thus far below.