Charlie Mischer is a New York via Los Angeles musician who creates under the name PAIDEIA. He honed his chops as a jazz drummer, but rom there, he expanded into songwriting and producing, focusing on electronic based music.

PAIDEIA is looking to drop an EP sometime this summer, and if 'Akira' is any indication of how that album will sound, you should be stoked.

At a little over 6 minutes long, 'Akira' breezes along. Mischer is able to keep a subtle song moving while not flying by, and low key while not dragging. He cites Caribou and LCD Soundsystem as influences but this song has more Tycho and 1 Minute Miracles in it than anything else. The song starts off slow and at ease. Then, about a third of the way through, it picks up to a double-time feel and levitates from there, adhering to its dance-y undertone. According to Mischer, "Akira is about embracing human loneliness. He/she/it is the part of yourself that comforts you when you're on your own, that leads you from one experience to the next." Don't let this description fool you; this isn't some sad-sack instrumental piece. It is a reserved celebration that light can't shine without darkness.

So check out PAIDEIA's 'Akira'. Stream it when you're on your break and need to decompress. Take a listen when you're powering through your work. Let yourself get a little lost.