It's been a while since Bob Dylan released a proper album containing new material; both his last two LPs, Shadows in the Night (2015) and Fallen Angels (2016), were comprised solely of American standards, and his upcoming triple album -- appropriately titled Triplicate -- is no different.

While one can argue that Dylan's catalogue has been seeing little to no action over the past few years, this isn't entirely true: as he explains so himself, recording these songs constitutes an exercise in interpretation and at the same time he pays them their due for their inspirational value.

Each one of the three discs of Triplicate contain ten songs that are in their turn thematically organised; Til the Sun Goes Down, Devil Dolls, and Comin' Home Late. They are a portal into Dylan's mind in the way they provide insight into his creative process. As he reaches an age in which most musicians either give up on innovation or try reckless new things, Dylan prefers to bring these songs to life while undeniably appropriating their core until he makes them his own.

You can listen to a selection of Triplicate below; the album is out on March 31st.