Peaches' new album Rub is streaming in full on YouTube right now. It starts with Kim Gordon pushing Peaches to her physical limits in Close Up. But you've already seen that, so keep an eye out for 'Vaginoplasty' which also contains brilliant lyrics that sound just as "Peaches" as its title suggests.

Then there's 'I Mean Something' featuring Feist that's definitely going to empower you in one way or another. I'd also urge you to pay special attention to 'Light In Places' if you haven't already seen it. The clip starts with a YouTube content warning, all to make sure you approve of some particularly impressive Aerial Artistry by Empress Stah and some lasers beaming from inappropriate places. All in all, this album has got some huge beats and some serious Girl Power.

All hail Peaches - Rub is set for release this coming Friday 25th September. Stream it below.