Ahh another cool, crisp, almost-Autumn morning! What better companion for your café au lait than an equally soul-warming new LP? Montrouge-based label Croque Macadam - which, since 2015, has been sharing the same roof with Parisians Requiem For Un Twister - has shared their first full-length release: Pearl & the Oysters' debut album is a psych-electro-pop gem filled with exquisite harmonies and delicious space-age arrangements that range from early Glam to lo-key Funk.

From the energising opener 'Vitamin D' until the French-electro vibe of 'Love Potion', the band delivers electrifying tunes that are both amazingly well-produced and sound weirdly mature for what is the Paris-via-Florida proper debut. There's even a tribute to the great Wendy Carlos, whose pioneering use of synths you may know from A Clockwork Orange's soundtrack.

Listen to Pearl & the Oysters' debut below; you can buy the vinyl via Croque Macadam here and the tape via Elestial Sound.