Peter Oren has returned, the 25-year-old Indiana born singer has announced his sophomore album Anthropocene. Along with the announcement of the release Oren has uploaded the title track from the album.

The title for the album refers to the Anthropocene Age, an epoch that starts with humanity’s significant impact on Earth’s ecosystems. With the album, Oren has taken on a call to arms to open up a dialogue about our impact on the planet.

In the outro to the single ‘Anthropocene’, Oren repeats the line “How will we escape this Hell we’ve made” showcasing his powerful low vocals, which float over an uplifting string arrangement. The repeated line warning us of a potential dystopian future but at the same time offering a glimpse of hope obtainable through hard work.

“I don’t know if my songs would change somebody’s mind, but they might help people feel a little bit less alone in their opinions and might encourage them to get involved in some way," says Oren. Further humbly mentioning - “Nobody’s going to riot when the album hits the street, but maybe it can in some small way help turn the tables.” Here’s hoping that he can change the minds of climate change deniers.

Anthropocene is out November 12 on Western Vinyl.