19-year-old producer salute has already embarked on quite the musical journey. His debut EP - the eclectic Gold Rush EP - was released back in November via the superb 37 Adventures label and included an appearance from rising Awful Records affiliate ABRA.

The EP's title track, 'Diamond (Gold Rush). has already received the remix treatment from 405 favourite XO but today, the 405 is excited to premiere another remix; this time from South African musician Petite Noir. It's a darker, eerier, bass-heavy production heavy on keys and strings with an ethereal edge. "I listen to a lot of grime as well as drum & bass, a lot of weird jazz and of course, all the new 'future bass' stuff coming out at the moment," Vienna born, Brighton based salute told us via email. "I guess I just wanted to showcase the different sides of me [on the EP]. I think I managed to show people what my musical mind is made of! Classical music is also quite important."

With Petite Noir's remix of 'Diamond' acting as an almost polar opposite to the previously released XO remix (and perhaps more in line with its original production), the reactions to this will likely vary between each individual listener and salute is fine with that. "I'd like emotions to be evoked. if I can do that, I'm totally happy. That is always the most powerful type of music." Even at 19, salute has already managed to carve out his own musical niche, earning a credible reputation as a technically adept producer, experimenting with a variety of genres. "I always say that I want people to be able to listen to my music in a club as well as on headphones," he said when we questioned him about where it would sound best. "I never really write music with a particular setting in mind because I want it to be flexible. I guess that's how you reach the most people too, huh? It's a matter of balance."

The Gold Rush EP is available now via 37 Adventures.