r British singer/songwriter, Phoenix Martins has delivered her new ethereal new EP, 27. The ambient project is four-tracks long but is stunning from start to finish.

"47' is my angel number, about a year ago, I started seeing the numbers 4 & 7 everywhere, digital clocks, whenever I looked at my phone it would be 7.47 etc. Even when I would look round at a door number it would be 47, car registration plates, literally everywhere. So I looked it up and the numbers translated as inner-wisdom, enlightenment, mysticism, individualism, spiritual awakening and that I am on the right path in life. These experiences led me to have 47 tattooed on my left hand. I choose my left hand because artistically I am [DIY/Left field] in my approach to music making and my artistry in general. Retrospectively each song is an individual reflective discovery of all my experiences while undergoing this spiritual journey," Phoenix said.